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Vizia consists of 72 colored triangular tiles, with a dozen triangles in each of the primary and secondary colors, and 48 player tokens, a dozen in each of four colors. During set-up, each player takes a set of tokens and two tiles, keeping them secret from other players; four tiles are turned face-up to form a communal pool.

On a turn, a player adds one or more tiles to the playing area from his personal area, the communal pool, or both locations. Each tile must be laid adjacent to at least one other tile in play, and the color of the tile must be next to the color of adjacent tiles on the color wheel. Thus, a green tile can be placed adjacent only to yellow or blue tiles, a red tile only next to orange and purple, and so on.

If a player completes a hexagon – dubbed a "wheel" – on his turn, he marks the center of the hexagon with a token. A "full wheel" with all six colors is worth three points, a bi-colored wheel worth two points, and all other wheels worth one point each. To end a turn, a player optionally refills his hand up to two tiles, then adds new tiles to the communal pool to fill it to four.

When all the tiles have been played, the game ends and the player with the highest score wins. Vizia includes five variant rules for advanced play that can be mixed-and-matched as desired, such as scoring a bonus for a player's largest group of tokens, removing a token from play in order to move a tile already on the board, and reducing the number of communal tiles (which lessens luck of the draw).

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