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Diceborn Heroes is a 1–4 player fantasy dice game similar to the old school JRPGs. Players control a party of heroes whose quests send them to far off lands facing monsters to protect innocent bystanders. They must band together to gain strength and defeat the evils that plagued the fair lands of Dievalice. After each encounter, players will have a chance to level up their classes and learn new skills, giving them more abilities and dice to use in the upcoming battles.

Players choose 1–2 heroes to control on a team of 3–4 heroes and gather a green die for each one, then add 4 attack cards per hero to make an attack deck. Following the setup on the quest card players would then reveal a monster card for each hero into the center. Players roll a pool of dice then assign one to an available attack slot on their hero card(s). Once all dice are assigned players reveal an attack card for each monster then resolve attacks from the lowest to the highest value of card or die. Enemies target the hero that has an assigned die that is equal to or greater than their attack card value. Heroes choose enemies to target and can use hero abilities at any point to gain an edge in battle. After all attacks the attack cards are discarded and heroes gather their dice again, roll and assign all over.

Defeated enemies add cards back into the attack deck; if the deck runs out, heroes start taking additional damage. Once all enemies are defeated, Heroes have the opportunity to buy items and choose the next quest that matches the symbol on their quest card. They also level up by either flipping over their hero card and either taking an ability from one of those cards or covering up the bottom with a new class card.

Together you will either win and defeat the boss or have your party get knocked out by the overwhelming peril. If you win the next time you play the choices you made before will affect the next generation of heroes. Relics that you previously found on quests get added to the item deck and the enemy attack cards that you added will stay and affect the next generation of heroes. The choices you make will continue the story.

The fan funded treasure pack of heroes and Quests includes new challenges, haunted manors, monstrous caverns and labyrinths. With these new quests heroes have new skills and items to help them protect those in need...

44 Hero cards [some extra of existing or alt versions; and a few new classes)

6 Questlines made up of -
12 attack cards
12 legendary items
20 boss/quest specific cards
20 quest cards
6 boss cards

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