Staff Introductions - Ryan

Staff Introductions - Ryan

Get to the know the staff here at Apt to Game!

Last up in our staff introductions we have me!



My name is Ryan and I’m the Manager at Apt to Game! In addition to running the day to day operations of the store, I also run our social media accounts and coordinate all of our gaming events. Most of the time if you’re communicating with us through social media it’ll be me you’re talking to!


Here’s some fun facts about me:

Facebook Alter Ego: Ryacon Prime

How long have you been gaming for: Since I was a kid but more seriously for the last 15 years

Favorite Game(s): Terra Mystica / Gaia Project. They are not the same, and I will fight you over it!

Least Favorite Game(s): Cards Against Humanity / Personally Incorrect

Underrated Game(s): Eons. Seriously, you need to try it.

Favorite Snacks for Gaming: Pepperoni sticks and sour cream & onion chips

Other Hobbies/Interests: I like to read and write, listen to music, play the trumpet, drums and piano, and before my injury I played a lot of hockey.

Weird/Quirky Fact About Me: I love to prank my kids.

Last meal request: Jumbo Donair from Nikki’s w/tomatoes, onions, cheese and tzatziki

Star Wars or Star Trek: Gotta go with Star Trek. Don't @ me.


Feel free to say hi in the comments!


We plan on being around for a long time to serve the gaming community and share in your gaming experiences. When our team grows we'll be sure to introduce you!


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