Staff Introductions - Jay

Staff Introductions - Jay

Get to the know the staff here at Apt to Game!

Next up we have our newest team member, who has quickly been able to establish himself as an asset!



My name is Jay and I run the trading card department at Apt to Game.  I get to stare at Magic Cards all day, picking singles orders for most of my shift, trying my best to resist buying more Magic cards for myself!


Here’s some fun facts about me:

Facebook alter-ego: Jay Zilla

How long have you been gaming for: Over 30 years

Favorite game(s): Marvel Crisis Protocol

Least favorite game(s): Social Deduction Games

Underrated game(s): Transformers TCG

Favorite snacks for gaming: Chips

Other hobbies/interests:  I build and paint many model miniatures, and enjoy fishing in the summer.

Weird/quirky fact about me:  I go to Ribfest every year.

Last meal request: Beef ribs

Star Wars or Star Trek: ...Firefly!


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