Staff Introductions - Ethan

Staff Introductions - Ethan

Get to the know the staff here at Apt to Game!

We'll continue our adventure with someone who has recently become a part time team member so he can pursue his post secondary education!



My name is Ethan. My time is spent organizing magic cards, picking orders, organizing magic cards, helping customers, and organizing magic cards. Also tearing down the occasional wall of course.


Here’s some fun facts about me:

Facebook alter-ego: Ethan of-Eberron

How long have you been gaming for: Five years with any seriousness.

Favorite game(s): Dungeons and Dragons & MTG

Least favorite game(s): Doctor Panic

Underrated game(s): Barrel of Monkeys

Favorite snacks for gaming: Nuts and ketchup or all dressed chips

Other hobbies/interests: Ukulele, adventure, philosophy, reading, collecting vinyl and painting minis!

Weird/quirky fact about me: As a kid I used to collect and pin insects in display cases, and still have them up on my wall at home.

Last meal request: Perogy pizza with a side of pad thai

Star Wars or Star Trek: Not an easy choice but probably Star Wars.


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