Reopening after COVID-19.

Reopening after COVID-19.

COVID-19 lockdown is coming to a close.

According to the Alberta Government, retail stores will be permitted to open on May 14 (tentatively), with some additional precautions being maintained.


Reduced Number of Patrons

We will prevent more than 15 people in the store at any given time.  That includes patrons, staff, and gamers. If you've seen our store, you'll know that this shouldn't be a problem.


Social Distancing

Alberta Health still recommends a separation of 2m between patrons. If social distance is not possible, like during a game, a mask must be worn.


Cleaning and Disinfecting

Our staff will continue to be diligent with cleaning and sanitizing common surfaces at regular intervals. We also recommend that patrons wash their hands regularly for 20 seconds or use a hand sanitizer that is greater than 60% alcohol.


Curbside Pickup

If you are not comfortable coming into the store, we will continue to provide curbside pickup as an option when ordering off the website.



Events will slowly return back to normal depending on government regulations.


The safety of our patrons and staff are of the highest priority and we will do everything we can to help everyone stay safe and healthy.  That aside, we're super excited to have you all back in the store! This has been a hard time for everyone, we all need some normalcy back in our lives.




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