Our New Website

Our New Website

Our new website is still in development... but it works!

New Technology

As I'm sure you have noticed, our website has undergone some radical changes recently.  We switched to a new point of sale system and decided to use their technology for the online portion of our store.  To do this, we had to completely shut down the old site so we could tie the domain (www.apttogame.com) to the new site.  We still have access to the old data in case we need to look anything up but it is otherwise gone forever.


The Impact

There is a long list of pros and cons with switching to a new site, some of which you may have already experienced.  Let's go over a few of the details.


The Cons

  • Old Account doesn't work. You will unfortunately have to create a new account before you place an order on the new website.  As long as you sign up with the same email address, you will continue to add to your existing points balance.
  • Points can't be spent online. Because of the way the points are tracked with the new system, we haven't yet worked out how to allow people to spend their points online.  You can still spend your points in store.
  • Product pictures and descriptions are missing.  Yes, the site doesn't look very good with all the product images and descriptions missing.  We are slowly re-adding all of this information but it is a long, tedious process.
  • Old order history is gone.  We do have access to the old order history but it unfortunately won't link to the new system.  If you have questions or concerns about an order placed in the past, you can contact us.


The Pros

  • Live Data. Because we're using the website provided by our point of sale system, the online inventory should be very accurate (at least as accurate as the in-store data) and will update in real-time.  There were some inventory errors during the import of our product data into the new system, but we're ironing these out.
  • One-click products. Previously, the process to add a product to the website after adding it in our local system took some time and effort and would often get left behind.  With the new system, adding a product to the website is as simple as ticking a checkbox.


We feel that the pros outweigh the cons, and should make for a more comprehensive online shopping experience.  One of the biggest complaints that we heard about the old site was that not all of the products were on it.  Hopefully that will be rectified going forward, and this new site will be of more value to our friends/customers.


The Future

Looking forward, we believe that these changes will be positive and will provide the best experience possible to users of the site.  We still have your needs at the front of our mind and try to make changes in the right direction.  Your feedback is important to us and we'd love to hear your thoughts!



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