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FAMILY ALIAS is a fun word and picture explanation of a game where you must be able to say otherwise, that is to play the partner to say as many as possible in the desired word by giving him the quick tips. FAMILY ALIAS is played with at least two teams, the upper limit of players is not made. Family Alias words and pictures are sound familiar, but how to explain the ordinary word 'CHAIR'? It sitting. It is not necessarily sufficient, guesser may propose a sofas. The game is a fast rhythmical, as an hourglass of sand drains mercilessly ... Finland's most popular game now made family version! All ages of family members can play the game like grandparents of children of children. The game can also play-up the players with each other. Well, how is it? Are the kids parents clever? It shows when you spend a common, a merry-minute game and play FAMILY aliases!

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