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Hobbyists and makers love these super flexible non-woven fine abrasives that work wet or dry, on flat or curved surfaces and can be cut into strips for Sanding Sticks or make bands for Finger Sanders.
Zona 37-948 Microfinishing Papers can Polish or Smooth:

  • scratches on a drone, RC car, boat or plane
  • model railroad parts
  • frets on a guitar
  • the axle of a Pinewood Derby car
  • jewelry and beading projects
  • miniature and delicate projects
  • plastics, polyurethane, precious metal clay, polymer clay, wood, solid surface composites, metal and alloys
  • restore transparency to acrylic and polycarbonate

Made in USA

The 37-948 pack includes six 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheets. Color coded for easy selection– from finest to coarsest by Micron / Color / Abrasive: 1 / white / Aluminum Oxide, 2 / aqua /Aluminum Oxide, 3 / pink /Aluminum Oxide, 9 / light blue /Aluminum Oxide, 15 / gray/ Silicon Carbide, 30 / green / Silicon Carbide. For best results, work in sequence from coarsest to finest grade (1-30).

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