About Us

We are a small Board Game Store operating out of Edmonton, AB.

If you are looking for Board Game Stores in Edmonton, you've come to the right place!  Easily accessible on Calgary Trail South, just south of Argyll.  We have a great selection of Board Games, Card Games and other Tabletop Games.  We have games for kids, games for families and party games.  Games for hardcore gamers and board game enthusiasts.

We host open board game nights every week, and Star Wars Destiny on Fridays.

Current Schedule

Monday 6-9pm: Gamers' Choice Open Game Night

Tuesday 11am-9pm:  Learn to Play Tuesdays

Wednesday 6-9pm: Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures / Warmachine / Blood Bowl (Any 2 of the 3)

Thursday 6-9pm: HeroClix

Friday 6-9pm: Star Wars Destiny Open Gaming.  Beginners welcome!

Saturday 11am-9pm: Occasional Clinics and workshops, see store for details

Sunday Noon-6pm: Family Gaming - Bring the kids!

We also carry a range of Warhammer, Warmachine, Bolt Action, and other miniature games and hobby supplies.